Chocolate wellness goes beyond the superfood. It deeply nurtures the skin as it is full of nutrients and antioxidants. It may not have occurred to you unless you are in the beauty industry, but cocoa beans contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin cells.

Having mentioned all the sublime properties of chocolate, we should know by now the immensity of its healing powers.

Cocoa and skin

Instead of oils and creams, you will be massaged with chocolate liquid. Let's imagine what happens if all the properties of chocolate infiltrate in our skin during a massage. Chocolate nourishes the skin on the outside and the inside. 

During the massage, the skin absorbs the nutrients and the vitamins chocolate contains. Experts say that the chemicals found in chocolate allow great relaxation. Chocolate will not only enhance blood circulation but will also improve metabolism.

Chocolate nurtures the skin

The antioxidants chocolate contains are great for the skin's elasticity. In addition to containing great benefits for the skin's elasticity.

Chocolate massage helps a lot in firming the skin. In addition to the antioxidants, chocolate contains natural oils of high moisturizing properties similar to those we find in oils. Also, cocoa stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain that will leave us relaxed and stress-free. The sensation of chocolate on our skin will provide us with a relaxing and exhilarating ambiance. 

Let us go through some facts to understand how the nutrients and vitamins affect the skin.

● The theobromine helps burn fat and allows us to get rid of unwanted cellulite.
● Polyphenol acts as an anti-aging and antioxidants force. 
● Glyceride is fat that moisturizes and firms the skin.
● Calcium and potassium renew the cells of the skin.
● Chocolate calms and reduces stress, it relaxes the muscles.

With all the properties, it contains when kneaded on our skin, chocolate will help reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. It will improve our skin texture and will leave it fresh, glowing, and young.

How is a chocolate massage executed? 

A chocolate massage is a comprehensive therapy done to provide the skin and body deep relaxation in an indulging environment. If you are looking for a deep chocolate massage, the ideal performance will ideally start with a body exfoliation using a body scrub that will open the pores and prepare the body for the chocolate butter or liquid. 

After the massage, with the chocolate covering your body, you will be wrapped with a heat-retaining foil for half an hour. This act will allow your skin to seep all the properties of the dark chocolate.

Chocolate not only is a delight to your sweet tooth, buy a wholesome ingredient to your health and skin.