Indecisive whether to buy chocolate or flowers as a gift? Well, chocolate and flowers together make a beautiful and healthy gift. They go perfectly together. Each has its particularity and symbolism and has a positive effect on people. Chocolate is delicious as it reveals tropical and exotic flavours and aromas of the world that satisfy every palate. Similarly, flowers are great and refreshing. They spread the scents of a hidden garden.

Chocolate is delicious and healthy

You enjoy every bite of it without having to throw away any bit of it. Chocolate also triggers joy and other sensations in addition to all the benefits. Identify the best chocolate maker and you will find what you are looking for. Now, you might think what if she/he is on diet, lactose or gluten intolerant? Well, then you opt for chocolate that contains more than 60% cocoa and that comes with nutty and fruity flavours. Remember the less cocoa the more sweet, dairy, and other ingredients are added. With all the benefits of chocolate, your heart, soul, and skin are nurtured. It means you are healthy.

Flowers are meaningful

Moreover, the flowers are joyful and colourful with a lot of meanings. They are beautiful, and smell nice! They brighten the house and emit a zen energy that brings joy to your heart. And they are sentimentally valuable. We give flowers to convey our best wishes on birthdays, to congratulate, to wish speedy recoveries. We also send flowers to wish sympathy. Hence, we transmit our feelings through flowers as they are very expressive. Furthermore, every type of flower has its connotation. For instance, Lilly symbolises purity and refined beauty, Birds of Paradise symbolise joyfulness, Daffodil symbolises regards and chivalry. Every single type has a signification and sometimes a legend and a story behind it, just like chocolate.

What does Sunday In Scotland have to offer?

Sunday in Scotland offers a wide range of sumptuous chocolate from dark, milk, and white. In addition to delicious honeycombs and pearls. The crafted chocolate swaddles, berries and nuts. Enjoy as well the attractive gift sets that suit all tastes.

Furthermore, Sunday in Scotland does not only offer decadent, artisanal, and luxury chocolate but is also a storyteller. Every bar of chocolate tells you a different story with every bite you have. These stories generate different feelings that instinctively lead to appreciation. It relates stories of the cocoa bean and the hard-working people behind every step of the chocolate making.

When you receive a bar of handcrafted chocolate made with lots of love and passion, you will in turn sense love and passion. Sometimes you just leave that last piece to linger in your mouth for more extraordinary sensations, which means you are in complete bliss.

In addition, Sunday in Scotland is green and eco-friendly. We design the package to serve the environment, we also source and trace the cocoa beans. Likewise, Sunday in Scotland applies fair trade to support the well-being of the labourers and farmers. Chocolate is all about love. The love for nature, for humanity, for heath, for oneself, and for others.

Sunday in Scotland brings you lots of love to share with your loved ones! 

Chocolate and flowers combined

Elaborating on his opinion Amer Wahoud said: “We believe flowers are the essence of life and they spread positive energy just like chocolate. Flowers and chocolate are in harmony together. I enjoy buying flowers with chocolate instead of wine, for instance. For this we highly recommend Flower Station. They will help you create a floral bundle to convey the right message and feelings. I really believe that chocolate and flowers, together, make a beautiful gift"

Choosing the right type of flower with the matching chocolate bar makes your gift special and even more valuable.

Sunday in Scotland suggests lovely pairings of flowers and chocolate among others:

- Daffodil and Honeycomb bar - 34% White Chocolate
- Freesias and Goji Berries and Cranberries - 34% White Chocolate
- Roses and Crunchy Praline and Caramel - 70% Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate

Stay tuned as Amer is preparing some sensual and captivating combinations of flowers and chocolate.