Why Is Chocolate a Necessity

Sunday in Scotland's founder Amer Wahoud believes that chocolate is a necessity and not luxury. Although chocolate has become an industry of lucrative business, one should not forget where this cacao bean came from and what delight and benefits it added to the world.

It is not a secret that we tend to treat chocolate as a confectionary ingredient and as a luxury. However, chocolate holds outstanding qualities and Sunday in Scotland is a brand that believes in the alleviating properties of chocolate. In fact, its benefits are proven scientifically, but it remains a mystery. Chocolate did and still does wonders for the human body and soul. Therefore, we handle these precious cacao beans with care to preserve their healing powers. We breed authentic chocolate that reminds us of the legacy of that cacao seed that hails from the jungles of what was called Mesoamerica, where the magnificent cacao tree is native, to spread across oceans.

Amer Wahoud said: "Chocolate is vital for us. It is not about how we produce it or market it. But about reflecting its genuine, authentic, and furtive qualities that the universe has blessed us with. We are grateful for this seed. It allowed us to offer the world exquisite chocolates that we make with devotion and lots of energy. It reflects the human appreciation for nature."

Four Thousand Years Ago the Cacao Bean

Aztecs and Mayans believed that chocolate was a necessity because it possessed mystical and spiritual qualities. They served it in sacred ceremonies. The ancient people found it to be a mood enhancer and aphrodisiac and gave strength to the warriors. They even worshiped a god of cacao for the blessings brought by this magical seed. Mesoamerican civilizations turned the bitter seeds into a paste that became what is known for us as chocolate. They mixed it with water, vanilla, honey, chili peppers and other spices to obtain a foamy chocolate drink. Also, they used it as currency due to its high value. In addition to these qualities, chocolate was of high medicinal value as it carries health benefits. It was used to treat stomach and intestinal pains; it relieved fever and faintness, it also calmed troubled souls, among many other sicknesses and complaints.

Chocolate Today

As soon as chocolate reached Europe in the early sixteenth century, it became a luxury drink served in palaces and among the aristocrats as a magic elixir with wholesome benefits. In the nineteenth and twentieth century, the industrialization and invention of the cocoa press ushered a modern era of chocolate. It became affordable and accessible to the masses. Today it is treated as a luxury again.

As a non-commercial, artistic chocolate haven, Sunday in Scotland's philosophy relies upon the deep essence that chocolate is "Food of the Gods." Genuinely it is sublime as it nurtures the body and soul.
Through our artisanal chocolate, we tell the story of the journey and legacy of that health-giving cacao bean. 

Our chocolate is real and genuine. We craft it with love and a lot of respect as it is the seed that showered the world with countless blessings.